Post Conviction Relief Indiana

A person has many legal options, starting as soon as they are convicted and sentenced. The person can also file an Appeal Notice if the appeal is denied or the deadline has passed.

After a trial, the defendant is convicted.

A post-conviction attorney can help you navigate through the complicated world of post-conviction relief.

A post-conviction attorney in Indiana will review your case and decide if there is a basis for appeal. You will be argued that you were wrongly convicted.

There are many ways that you can be hurt in the criminal process. This includes the investigation and arrest, as well as pretrial and plea hearings.

An issue raised by the appellate court cannot be referred to by the court. ( Showalter, Thorntown 2009). A claim will not be denied unless the underlying cause of the filing was presented at trial or in an earlier proceeding.

The defense attorney must have opposed any evidence that is made or made available to court records or motions within the time limit. To determine if these exceptions are applicable to you case, your post-conviction relief lawyer will review them.

The process of requesting post-conviction relief can be complicated and requires the assistance of an attorney.

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